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Статья: Beware of scams impersonating Venetto Design

Beware of scams impersonating Venetto Design

Beware of scams impersonating Venetto Design

Venetto Design has recently become aware of unauthorised use of the Venetto Design name and/or logo in emails or other means to scam people via fraudulent websites promoting various product categories.

Examples of such fraudulent activities include the following:
Using the Venetto Design name, logo and/or our other identities to sell products outside of www.venettodesign.com.
Selling products not listed on www.venettodesign.com, other than home and living products.
In addition, we have also received reports of fraudulent solicitations for fake transactions that make it appear as if the business in question is affiliated with Venetto Design by manipulating a fake Venetto Design logo that has been illegally reproduced without our permission.

Because Venetto Design and our affiliates are in no way associated with such fraudulent activity, we ask that you be wary of such fraudulent activity and take appropriate measures, including verifying authenticity and identity of any company or individual involved in such activity.

Please be aware of this scam and contact us immediately if you see an advertisement or post from anyone impersonating the Company, its affiliates, or representatives of the Company representatives that appears even remotely suspicious.

Do not place an order or contact the scammer. Avoid clicking on the links contained in the emails, on the website or in the attachments.

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