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Catalina White Marble Luxury Dinnerware Set

Sale price€ 584.00 Regular price€ 649.00

Dinnerware Set:

Bring the luxury of the finest restaurants to your home with the luxurious Catalina  dinner set. Each piece in this collection has been specially designed to be elegant, yet durable enough for everyday use. The vibrant jewel tones of gold and white marble will make your meal presentation more exciting. Different-sized plates and bowls offer a variety of combinations to meet your specific dining needs. Perfect for everyday dining or refining the look of your table on special occasions.


Material: Fine Porcelain
Hand painted gold rim
Hand-wash only

The Package includes:

4 Person Set:

4 x 8 inch(20cm) plate
4 x 10 inch(26cm) plate
4 x 3.5 inch(9cm) sauce dish
4 x 4.5 inch(12cm) soup bowl
1 x 8 inch(20cm) salad bowl

6 Person Set:

6 x 8 inch(20cm) plate
6 x 10 inch(26cm) plate
6 x 3.5 inch(9cm) sauce dish
6 x 4.5 inch(12cm) soup bowl
2 x 8 inch(20cm) salad bowl

8 Person Set:

8 x 8 inch(20cm) plate
8 x 10 inch(26cm) plate
8 x 3.5 inch(9cm) sauce dish
8 x 4.5 inch(12cm) soup bowl
2 x 8 inch(20cm) salad bowl

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