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Ostrich Feather Care Guide

Ostrich feathers are delicate and require gentle care, but taking care of them is simple once you learn how. We’ve got some tips for keeping your ostrich feathers looking fresh and lively.

Cleaning Your Ostrich Feathers

Try gently shaking your feathers to remove any dust. This also will perk them up!
Stubborn dust may remain, but fear not! Find a soft, dry paintbrush or baby brush, and hold the ostrich feather in one hand. Brush in the direction of the plumage, softly applying pressure with slow, deliberate strokes. 

You may at time apply a few soft, slow and gently strokes to remove the dust. Make sure that you do not brush the feather against the plumage and never apply force.

Washing Your Ostrich Feathers is a Last Resort!

We don’t recommend trying to wash your feathers unless shaking and gently brushing your feathers has failed. But, if washing is necessary, follow these simple instructions to prevent damage to your feathers.

  • Fill a bathtub about a quarter full with lukewarm-water. Dyed feathers are not colorfast so make sure that water is lukewarm! Mix a small amount of baby shampoo or a gentle dish detergent.
  • Lightly swish each feather individually in the water. If you feel further cleaning is necessary, mildly massage the feathers in the direction of the plumage.
  • Ostrich feather dye is water based, so be careful not to mix different colored feathers in the same water or let drying feathers touch.
  • Finish by rinsing the shampoo off the feather.
  • Hang the feathers from a clothesline or shower curtain rod to dry overnight. If absolutely necessary a hairdryer on its lowest setting—cool only—can be used to speed up the process to about 10 minutes.

Re-fluffing Your Ostrich Feathers

Are your feathers losing their fullness? Steaming can help return your ostrich feathers to their former extravagant beauty.

  • First, rub the feathers gently between your hands to bring out the feather flu and make the individual strands fluffier.
  • Use a fabric steamer on the driest setting to open the feathers and make them more vibrant.
  • If you can’t find a fabric steamer, try boiling water in a pot or tea kettle. Carefully put each feather into the small stream of the escaping steam until the feather has expanded again. Once the feather has opened up, stop! Further steaming will have no benefit.